Lawler w/ no opponent, Cung fighting Scott Smith.

I see TJ's point now. Although I think Scotty always can win, that's kind of garbage.

I thought Lawler was already slated to fight someone previously, thats why I now agree with TJ.

Oh Come On, For Christ's Sake Cung

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Lawler vs Cung would be better.

 man, why ISN'T lawler fighting cung?

mcpeepants232003 - 
pigpen -  man, why ISN'T lawler fighting cung?

who knows? That would of been a great fight. I'm interested to see what is the main event of this card.

 Pretty sure the main event is Cung Le vs. Scott Smith as, Cung will be the biggest draw on the card in San Jose.

....maybe Lawler is heading to the UFC?

goeb - ....maybe Lawler is heading to the UFC?

He is listed on that very same card "vs TBA" so I don't think so.


 Lets just say they're trying to put together a big fight for Lawler, one that a lot of fans have asked for

 Lawler / Manhoef?

 Cause Cung isnt going to have a full camp.

weaksauce, I hate seeing certain fighters get protected like this (see Swick's current run to a title shot)

orcus -  Lawler / Manhoef?

 That would be awesome. Cmon Coker!!

What's the current status of Nick Diaz?

stevekt - What's the current status of Nick Diaz?
yeah what's up with diaz? we know he wanted to fight on the cbs card but cbs said no... he was supposed to headline the san jose show.. but damn guess not     -maybe cesar is getting nick released?!!!


id rather see cung vs smith... lawler is so hot and cold

Triplicate - Lawler is probably fighting Radach.


I have been waiting for this fight since UFC 37.5