Lawton.... Help??

Anyone have a gym recommendation in or around Lawton? Phone Post

Freedom fitness...mike cizek..great people Phone Post

You a fighter or just into mma training? Phone Post

I just want to train Phone Post

I'm looking for the same thing. I'll be at Ft. Sill for 6 months next year.

I'm a competitive jiujitsu player. I don't do much MMA anymore.

grady brewers bad boys

chad leonhardt and grady brewer are the coaches there


I'll be sure to check them out. Phone Post 3.0

Lawton sure is a piece of crap town. Phone Post 3.0

You don't know anything about Lawton. I bet you have never left your trailer park. Oh, I'm well travelled and cultured, I've been to Wal-Mart. OOOOOOOOO I am such an authority on nothing. You are afraid of Lawton.

Lawton is full of dirt ranching farangs. FACT! Phone Post 3.0

Right now Lawton doesnt all the gyms in Lawton are mostly MMA and some guys put on Gi's and roll during the week. Bad Boy's and Freestyle are the places to check out. There are always guys that will roll with you at Bad Boys and I keep some extra Gi's in the back for guys that dont have one. Our guys always do good in the Competitions even though thats not what we focus on.

Thanks pcuzz.

I report in January, so I'll be by once I'm out there.

I was looking for a local place, and I planned to hit Lovato's gym when I had the time to run to OKC. I figure that's probably not going to be very often. Phone Post 3.0

Come by Bad Boy's and introduce yourself. I am one of the coach's. Paul is my name.


I'll see you in January! Phone Post 3.0

Lavoto's is a great place without a doubt. But drop in prices are kinda steep. You can train with Lavoto BB Travis Serrna at R-1 MMA/BJJ and save some $. I trained with Travis and he handled me up very impressively. Phone Post

Paul, I'll be reporting Friday, so if y'all have classes this weekend, I'll be there.