Lawyer acquaintance making $17/hour

My co worker was talking to a girl who just got hired in our building. She's making $17/hour. I think that minimum wage is going to be $15/hour here in southern California in the next couple of years. I knew that there was a glut of lawyers but $17/hour surprised me.

Lawyer or legal assistant? And if lawyer, just passed bar or has an actual law degree? In CA you can be a lawyer without a law degree which erodes your marketability.

Lawyer. She has a law degree.

If you drive past a law school slow enough you'll get a law degree. There's nothing special about being a lawyer anymore.

The average starting salary for a first year attorney is like  34k.  Not too surprising and this is coming from a guy whose wife is an attorney and she makes jack shit.

How many hours does the average lawyer bill per week? 

Back from the dead - Lawyer. She has a law degree.

That's way, way below the average for CA (which is well over 100K). I suspect she may be withholding some information regarding her background or something. Maybe she has a terrible employment record or legal issues of her own.

That seems insanely wife makes 60k as a retail manager with no degree.

Labor is subject to the law of supply and demand the same way goods are. Too much supply of lawyers, not enough demand.