LAZY Sunday

yesterday the GF made a Tasty Tiramisu which we enjoyed for breakfast, with some cafe-tunes and the usual morning book-reading…then it was a LEISURELY stroll around the park…now she’s in the kitchen prepping for Hawaiian Garlic Shrimp which will be had with Coconut Rice, Grilled Pineapple, and JapMacSalad, all served with cocktails of course! After that probably Sex and a Siesta. She has been very industrious in the kitchen so it would be generous of me to reward her enterprise with a reasonable effort of satisfying her womanly wants

how are you peasants enjoying your weekend toil of CUTTING the GRASS by the way? Or maybe some HIGH GAS PRICES on your trip to the MegaMart?

the Neighbor gal is out sunning herself in her bikini at the moment. As mentioned, the LUXURY townHOME open-plan kitchen/living-area balcony set-up has the balconies facing the neighbors so sitting her next to glass-doors leading to the balcony I can give a wave to the neighbors like the Chinese people living directly across from me.

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I mowed my lawn this morning. Getting ready to enjoy a nice bologna pie. Might go visit me a large Spaniard gal this evening.


capital! I hope she is keeping your tummy satisfied?

Fuck being lazy. I just got 11 knives roughed out before 3pm.


Yeah but those are little kids play toys. Men mess with machetes. Everyone knows that!


She feeds me some mexican eatins!

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How Dreadful!

I do love crunchy tacos!

Those paki blanks lightening up the work load I see!

Im excited as fuuuck to get hands on tomorrow! That bad boy is a work of art. Thankfully I have an access point literally next door. UPS just dumps shit on my porch in the ghetto regardless of signature requirements lol.

Some tweak monster getting my ammo would piss me off far far less than my hunk of bushkill badassery lol. I would have to track them down Liam Neeson style and skin their feet with it like a Comanche.

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That’s fucked up. If they ever do that with a signature required package and it gets stolen, they’re on the hook for it.

Got two of those going as well.

Also just finished 4 and about to get handles done for 4 more.

“Never put off til tomorrow what you can get done today” - Alto Sr.

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They dropped off like 800 bucks in ammo not too long ago which was signature required on the front porch even though the fucking door to the building wasnt locked. I was pissed.

^capitalist business talk on a LAZY SUNDAY???..what SINFUL HERESY!

working on the first whisky-sour now…the GF is finished with the prepping and cooking has started!

For lady hands, sure.

But I will have you know I am currently drinking a coffee that would knock your SOCKS off. Only the best here. LUXURY blends.

Classy brew.

^Good Ticket! What’s the product?

Fuck me. Going forward, if you prefer USPS I’ll make an exception for you!

Fuckin alto. Always acting so fancy! I’m getting sick of him being so uptown all the time!

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Lavazza black… with a single ROLO at the bottom of the cup. Trick is, the cup has to be hot enough to start MELTING the rolo before the coffee goes in.

So fucking sinful.

Nope! I still prefer UPS to everyone else, I have just wised up and started using the lockers right next door for anything of value hahaha. Far less sketchy lol.

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