Lead roundhouse kick

I was watching Rob Kaman's instructionals a while ago and I noticed something. When he performed a lead roundhouse, he actually changed from orthodox to southpaw, throws the lead kick from the rear position and then moves back to the orthodox position.

How many of you does the kick this way? I'm just curious since I remember KK used to list 'switching stance' as the last option to perform a lead roundhouse kick.

Let's discuss techniques again. :-)


It's not that uncommon really. I think it is how you are used to kicking. I do not know many mon-Korean systems that use lead leg.

Switching to southpaw before you kick is not a good idea in my opinion, at least not fully anyway.

Your lead shoulder should not change position, only your feet should change position, so that you get the extra distance to develop power and your hip can load, but you don't open up your upper body by switching completely.

just because a lot of people do it doesn't mean it is right

a lot of people keep their hands down

a lot of people don't attack the body, only the head

"a lot of people" doesn't cut it as an explanation

certain exceptional people can "break the rules" and do well, but generally, the stuff that he does on that tape isn't going to work for most IMO

my trainers always told me to switch or take a half step forward with the rear leg before throwing a lead leg round kick. most people don't generate much power witht he lead leg otherwise.

just like the rear leg the power in the front leg is all in the hips..

Im not sure ive seen the video your talking about but i have seen a clip of Kaman preforming a switch kick and a switch knee. I think you may be confused, he does throw his lead leg back to the rear position, but he doesnt actually switch his stances. What i mean is he doesnt throw his lead leg back, switch his shoulder stance and then throw.

In a switch kick you do throw your lead leg back, but not farther than where your rear leg was originally. The kick is thrown this way to generate power.

The only way I throw my lead leg from a southpaw stance is when I sucker someone into throwing a leg kick at my lead leg with draw it to such an extent that I become nearly a southpaw and then kick the back of their leg as the try to retract their leg in order to return to stance.

That being said I am mainly a switch kick switch knee type with the lead leg.

My instructor always told us to perform a quick "skip" before a lead round house. Makes for a much stronger kick, although telegraphs whats coming (at least at my level anyway). When the instructor does it, the kick lands before you have time to relise it was comming

Definitely switch kick. I have a pretty powerful switch kick if I do say so myself.

As far as telegraphing goes though, you can perform that little half step needed for the switch kick but never fire it and come thru with a punch to catch them off guard.