Leading with the overhand right??!

Hi everyone...

Question for you guys.... if I lead with the overhand right, what would you do to counter?

What about the jab, duck, overhand?

I'm short and the overhand is the best way for me to crack guys good.


*disclaimer I suck at boxing*

In best case scenario I'd slip to the left & turn my shoulder to my right slightly in order to load a left hook to knock them the fuck out, worst case like if I was caught throwing something at the same time, keep my hands up and take it. JMO

I'd step to the right at roughly 45 degree angle with my right feet ( the step changes me from orthodox to southpaw) and crack him with left hook/ left overhand depending on distance and angle.

Overhand right left hook to the body

nice good info guys thanks

I misread the question I thought he was looking for a punch to throw after the overhand right. For a counter I usually just turn into it as I'm blocking and counter with a straight right.

Rocky and Apollo Creed threw simultaneous overhand rights.

I stand corrected. I have forgotten my boxing history.

id stop it with the plam of my rigth hand and hit you with a left hook.

Need to be kind of side on to do it.


Step back so you miss and left hook
or one two right on the button.