leafs fans a question ...

Ok if i might be serious a moment, and really this is probably the only time this is gonna happen here lol.Why all the hate for Pat Quinn? The guy is without a doubt an outstanding coach, having taken the 79-80 Flyers to the still NHL record 35 games undefeated streak (not to mention this year's streak that your team had).Taken the leafs to the second round 4 times and the conference finals twice.Coached Team Canada to a gold medal at the Olympics.He's one of only 3 current coaches to take his team to the playoffs the last 5 consecutive years.He coached the leafs to their club record 100 point season, he's one of only 3 coaches in all time to win the Jack Adams with two different teams (Bowman and Burns the others)He's definately a top 5 all time coach and a great hockey man, yet he takes so much flak from ungrateful leafs "fans".It's the first thing i hear them complain about and he's the best hockey man you have in your organization.It's so messed up there with Dryden etc having too much power and the "committee" they had making it such a mess upstairs.At least now with the team playing so well it's died down but even still i hear bs about the guy from people who obviously have no clue.He spent a lot of time making a shitty Kings team good, and a then shitty Canucks team good, and he's done the same in TO but gets no love..It's quite confusing.

good coach, but was a shitty GM

I like him. Actually, most of what Breaking Point pointed out is why I like him... not that Breaking Point doesn't have a good arguement.

But for some reason I think putting out say Hoglund in a slump on the first scoring line would boost him up and get him out. .. Lindros, wouldn't wanna see him play for the Leafs. I don't like seeing goalies get pulled just because of 3 quick goals. Putting faith in small names boosts the small players up (maybe that is why T.O has always been a team with a lot of 20 goal scorers instead of relying on one 50 goal scorer)

As for putting shitty players out in the dying minutes, I agree, but don't remember, other than if Domi was put out with Sundin.

Needless penalties I hated, along with an off-side on every second rush they would get. But they eliminated the off-sides and eliminated the penalties for a little stretch, but now they are back to their good ol ways now that Antropov is back.

I never hated him, always liked his ways.

leafs fans are like a bunch of women. All emotional and illogical.