Go Leafs Go! Go Leafs Go! Go Leafs GO!

Stanley is ours.

You do know this will provoke all the bashers to come out of the wood work again with the anti-Leaf stuff.Thats kinda the point....

lol some people just don't get it i guess Pratty.BTW although the leafs are long overdue, (37 years? Hey that's longer than most teams have even been in the league ;-P) we're supposed to shamelessly support our own teams and ruthlessly mock the others.Especially the leafs.

Shut it faggots, LEAFS RULE!!!! :)

that was an awsome game.. and they were fucked on the 6th goal that was never counted... that wasn't fuckin kicked in

leafs = Gayness.


Will, run along back to that other thread, Merry Christmas. :)

fuck fuck fuck.... they will get a losing streak come playoffs

too bad about the red wings.... only getting a tie against the Wild

That has to be embarassing

tying the 16th place team or letting the 21st place team score 5 goals on you and take you to OT.

Which is more embarassing?


the leaves will come crashing down come playoff time

as will detroit, vancouver, philly, new jersey, and st. Louis

The Avs vs Tampa Bay will be the cup final

or how about, 21st team was able to score 5 goals on the leafs (although the Leafs can play any teams game as proven with 6 goals) while Detroit was only able to score 2 on the Leafs. Not only that, but let the Leafs score 5 on them at the same time.

Will has taken a slap shot at the correct!