Team JHR vs. Team Crazyhook ( Arias in my corner)
name you bet big man.. I am up for anything

We'll figure something out. I still owe you some beers :)


I don't think Belfour is going to see anything, big Flyer asses in his face all night

JHR , you will owe me a few more once this is done !!!

Philly is on fire. Yet their defense is lacking.

The Leafs are banged up and slacking.

Will Toronto's Goaltending (eddie if you haven't heard) show the Flyer-weakness in their net?

Will Philly take alot of penalties?

Goaltending and penalties will decide this series.

Belak takes too many penalties... so does Nolan. Perrott is a good fighter and that doesn't do much good in the play offs.

Berg (although this might sound funny) is on his game.. has confidence and should stay. Taking Antropov off his line would kill it, they have something good going.

I think this will be a long series...

Much like last years..

Leafs will beat up the FLyers but they will prevail...

Flyers is 6 maybe 7

Flyers in 5 or 6 games. Flyers in 4 wouldn't surprise me though. I think they would have beat the leafs in 5 last year if they had anyone but chokemanic in net.

The Leafs and Flyers.

A sorry bunch of losers.

Please; Can both teams lose?

(This NHL Haiku has been brought to you in part by Molson Canadian.)

Any news on Sundin's leg injury?

"Philly is on fire. Yet their defense is lacking. " you are kidding right? did you watch any of the first series? D is playing just fine as are the forwards and esche between the pipes

game 1 tonight! can't wait

Flyers in 3.


Go Calgary !


Screw you Frenchy...


Nolan = highest PIM player on the leafs that isn't a fighter...wait, he faught once.

Nathan Parrott - 116

Nolan - 110

Belak - 109

Antropov - 62

Renberg - 50

who takes too many penalties again? the two guys you said take too many over who I pointed out, have half as many as who I mentioned.

So I won't go on to argue anymore of your points seeing your knowledge so far.. :)

yl2! I will give you a Go Habs right back at you brother

Ahem ....

Screw you Frenchy...

Well in fact, i'm hoping for the Flyers to win because they are a better match for the Habs than Toronto. And of course just to piss JHR off!!!!!!!