League Leaders 07

Which player will lead the league in:






Who will be:


Rookie of the Year?

Defensive Player of the Year?

Most Improved?

6th Man?

What team will:

Win the most games?

Win the Finals?

Finish last?

Answer 'em all and feel free to add more questions...

Points- Carmelo Anthony

Rebounds- Dwight Howard

Assists- Deron Williams

Steals- Ron Artest

Blocks- Emeka Okafor

MVP- Lebron James

Rookies of the Year- Brandon Roy and Lamarcus Aldridge

Defensive Player of the Year- Emeka Okafor

Most Improved- Somebody on Golden State

6th Man- Somebody on Golden State

Win the most games- San Antonio

Win the Finals- Cleveland

Finish last- Toronto


PER - Dirk

ttt for all you smart guys


Just because I'm bored, here are some of the final outcomes (according to yahoo):

Points? Kobe Bryant
Rebounds? Kevin Garnett
Assists? Steve Nash
Steals? Ron Artest
Blocks? Marcus Camby

Who will be:
Rookie of the Year? TBD
Defensive Player of the Year? TBD
Most Improved? TBD
6th Man? TBD

What team will:
Win the most games? Dallas Mavericks
Win the Finals? TBD
Finish last? Memphis Grizzlies

Most Improved- Somebody on Golden State


Most improved team-Golden State Warriors!

Sports Illustrated has a list of the 10 most improved players this year.

Two Golden State Warriors are on that list.

I didn't pick Ben Gordon for 6th Man because I figured he'd start this year.

Can't remember what I was thinking when I said Cleveland would win the Finals...???