League of Legends Gamescon NA Qualifiers

My team (TGM) plays against Team Solomid on Saturday. Tune in and cheer us on! Phone Post

They'll never be able to take a turret!

Ttt Phone Post

CDO - You know you might want to put in a link or something so people know how to tune in.

^ I was too lazy to type this ^

Yet had the energy to type this... right now.


 good luck that is pretty cool might have to try that game again still have a few buddies who play

 I can't find the results on the website but it looks like you beat TSM? Congrats if you did.....if you didn't they probably cheated


we are TGM. We just beat the #2 team unR.

 Yeah, their website is shit imo

Watching you play RS right now through Hotshot's stream:


It's the 2nd game now. Good Luck!

So you made it to the championship match? That is Awesome if true. Hope I am able to find a replay of it. Phone Post

I just caught the very end, then something funny was happening with someone cursing over the stream.

They lost the first one to RS, and they blew them away the second game.

Jungle Tryndamere was a boss.

We only played one game against RS. We won. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT Wish us luck against CLG/TSM. We are defffff gonna need it.

What time do you play them? You guys will soon become the power. Just wait until you get more games with each other Phone Post

their playing TSM now , winner goes to germany GL

Holy shit that is awesome. TSM beat CLG then. They already lost to TSM but this is the game that matters. Hope they can pull it off Phone Post

omg poppy ...i love me some poppy

 I can't find anything about team TGM

 nm i found the match not looking good atm