Leana Wen, Tells CNN Those Without A Vax Should Not Be Allowed To Travel ANYWHERE, Freedom Is Not A Constitutional Right

This is a stupid argument. They want vaccine mandates because THEY’RE scared. You wear a helmet to protect YOURSELF. Idiot.

Much more contagious than the flu fatty.

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1 - who gives a shit how contagious it is when the mortality rate is so ridiculously low?

2 - why the hell did you have that pic saved?

3 - I would be so lucky to look as sexy as that man.

I see logic is not one of your strong points. I’ll try to dumb it down for you. Let’s say it were 100,000 times more contagious but with the same mortality rate as the flu. Do you understand how that would lead to many more deaths and a collapse of the healthcare system? Or would it still not matter because it’s only as deadly as the flu?

That line was already tried in March of last year lol. Doesn’t hold up.

Why do you have that pic saved?

That’s my uncle.

Straight from his spank bank.

Why doesn’t the logic hold up? I used to think you were one of the more level headed posters here. Guess not.

Source? Been looking for this

A contagious virus with a low mortality and hospitalization rate is good.

That’s what creates herd immunity.

Perhaps it is your logic and reasoning skills which is not your strong suit.

We have totally fucked up by letting in immigrants and not assimilating them.

Don’t believe this for a second.