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Team Potato's Ivan Salaverry

lol team potato.

ivans awesome,met him a few times at the ufc,s and he is really cool with the fans,class act

Glad he's still with AMC.

He's with Team Potato.

The hell he is. Ivan doesn't even like hash browns.

One of my associates is currently having high-level talks with Dana White and Joe Silva regarding his next fight.

Awesome. Ivan is a great fighter. Definitely deserves to be fighting in the UFC. Will Mikey be fighting anytime soon?

i'd rather see him get the title shot than evan

Thank you for your question, Fight!

I'm not at liberty to say whether Mikey will fight again or not. I can tell you that we have been contacted by quite a few organizations who would like to host his comeback. Mikey feels he has a few more years that he could give to the sport, so you never know. ;)

Cool site. I love teh "IVAN" logo.

cool fighter

Why isnt Ivan fighting at UFC 51? I thought he was damn impressive at the last show and he is very underrated.