Learn to like it, Bisping is Ando's biggest threat

Too often in MMA fans think with their hearts and not their heads. They let their own personal bias over-ride rational thought and quite often this phenomenon takes place with mass effect. A perfect case in point being the majority's opinion that Anderson is head and shoulders above anyone else in his weight division. For the most part he is, but he still has one man to beat before he can be considered to have cleared out the division.

Michael Bisping represents Anderson's biggest threat to his MW title since Dan Henderson. For all the great fighters that are in the division, no-one else has the set of skills that match up so favourably as Bisping.

A few things to consider. 

Sonnen benefitted from being in the right place at the right time. Anderson was injured worse than at any point in his career going into that fight. He was in the hospital just a week prior. The only thing he had to fear from Sonnen was the takedown, and it's pretty hard to stop a high level wrestler from taking you down when you have jacked up ribs. And yet a juiced up Sonnen showed an injured Anderson nothing to fear in a rematch. Silva didn't even have his guard up in the stand-up, he saw the punches coming and rolled with them, opting to keep his hands down to try his best to stop the takedown. And although Sonnen came close to a largely positionally-based victory, he wouldn't offer much for Anderson in a rematch. A fully fit Silva doesn't need nearly five rounds to finish a non-juiced Sonnen.

Okami has a solid wrestling base but lacks the fluidity on the feet to make successful transitions and will get picked apart by Anderson on the feet. If the Marquardt fight was the best standup he has to offer then he is in trouble. We can look past this fight.

All of the rest have been despatched with ease. But Bisping represents Anderson's biggest challenge at MW.

A striker who actually combines speed and pressure with head movement, unpredictable footwork and solid muay thai fundamentals. Someone with length who can work off a jab and largely dictate the range of the fight. Someone who can feint and switch levels and secure takedowns. Someone who has a solid enough wrestling base but more importantly scores damage while he is on top. Someone with a topgame that is difficult to replicate in training due to his canny ability to land GNP from standing. Someone who understands the guard game and has proven to be unsubmittable. Someone with relentless cardio who can definitely take advantage of an ageing champion in the championship rounds. These are all skills that no-one else puts together as well as Bisping, and put together they are the skills to beat Silva.

This is some solid analysis for this fight and I suggest you haters pay attention for when this fight goes down. Not only CAN Bisping beat Anderson Silva and become UFC MW champion, but he WILL.



I'm learning to like this! 

The Brit isn't a threat to Silva in anyway. Anderson would embarrass him in every area of mma. Phone Post

 OP. ever had your IQ tested?

RavenFighter - I'm learning to like this! 
Good stuff mate. I've been thinking about this fight a lot lately and I'm more confident than ever that Bisping takes it.


Top contender's match with Paul Harris!!

Zedlepln - 

Top contender's match with Paul Harris!!

Doesn't he have a fight lined up though? Given Sonnen's continual fuck-ups, I say a summer fight with Belcher, kick his arse and then Bisping v Anderson at the end of the year in the UK. Only problem with that is that they can't do a football stadium in winter, would have to be in one of the usual venues.


IMO Bisping beats PAlhares and makes him look bad if that fight happens

If he survived the first round where Anderson seemingly has magic powers then I think he would do well. He would definitely do better than Maia, Cote, Leites etc.

Anyone else surprised the Bisping fans actually want this fight to happen?

You'd think they'd make even more excuses about fighting Anderson than the GSP fans do.

Personally, if I was the UKTT public relations division executive director of Bisping propaganda, I'd go with the "Anderson is really a LHW and should fight Jones and vacate the MW title, Bisping gets a fight for the newly created title" angle.

Also, if Bisping was ever matched up with one of the following, I'd pray to the MMA gods for an injury cancellation: Vitor, Lombard, Palhares

Nice thread EB Phone Post

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Thanks mate. I haven't been around too much lately (way too busy with work) but I'm going to try and post a bit more, especially as things should become clearer with Bisping's next opponent pretty soon. 


These British guys are starting to convince me that they're onto something.  Bisping could very well hold a title belt soon.

Also, I was treated very well when I went over there.  Very nice and high quality people. 

 I save all my vote downs for thread like these!

Please do the same!

The difference between Anderson and Bisping is a photoshopped belt. Phone Post

"Too often in MMA fans think with their hearts and not their heads."

I giggled, then read the rest of the thread.

Good clean fun!

"Too often in MMA fans think with their hearts and not their heads. They let their own personal bias over-ride rational thought and quite often this phenomenon takes place with mass effect. A perfect case in point being the UKTT."


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Please do the same!

You surely can't expect your vote downs of "threads like these" to do anything given that the OP isn't breaking any rules? Appealing to a crooked mod would be more effective, Kirik isn't going to run the UK members off just because people think they overrate Bisping

Tough to say for sure until they fight. One could argue that Forrest was a big threat...huge guy, seemed to have a solid chin, fights hard. We know how that ended.

He certainly has the potential.

How do you open a post where the first line is a criticism of MMA fans... when that exact criticism is PRECISELY what you and your buddies are guilty of?!

What? The fuck?!

How long until Wolfslair has multiple champs?