learn2innervate n00b

The next patch may mean the death of this phrase. I thought I'd put it up here just in case squatdog or somebody wanted to read it someday for nostalgia's sake.

No, they're making it an ability druids get a level 40, instead of something you get as a talent. There's a whole load of whining about it over at the WOW forums right now.

If they'd make mana tide totem an ability too, that would be peachy.

This is a massive oomkin and feral druid buff. Imagine if they gave all warriors MS as a trainable ability? If every mage had AP without having to gimp themselves going 31 arcane? Every Warlock had Soul Link and every Shaman had Stormstrike?

I don't understand the reasoning behind the buff but I don't understand the reasoning behind creating a zillion new items for alternate druid specs in AQ40 either.

The reasoning behind this buff is that raids force druids to spec 31 into resto for innervate. Because Blizzard doesnt want druids pigeonholed in such a fashion they are giving all druids access to innervate regardless of spec.

Now I can sit back and eagerly await the day I wake up and find a post on the boards informing me that I will now be able to heal in shadowform :P

"when was the last time you heard 'overpowered' and 'druid' in the same sentence?"

When i played WSG.

What would you call the druids defining class skill? In PvE druids are often stereotyped as Healbots but in PvP, WSG especially, they are a true hybrid class and their versatility and survivability are their defining skills. A good druid is able to shapeshift with skill, escape from the opposite faction, heal as necassary, and tank opposing players attempting to recapture flags. IMO such varied responsibilites perfectly capture the whole idea behind a hybrid class.

It's not the versatility that makes druids good in WSG, its the ability to break all snares and CC by switching forms.

WSG is such a limited scope of the game that the entire point is irrelevant. As a fellow hybrid (shammy) I hate the fact that everyone wants druids and shammy to be end-game healbots. I'm not looking forward to that. I nullfies the coolness of the character versatility.

I also agree that mana tide should be a lvl dependency, not something you have to spend a bunch of talent points on. I like being spec'd as enhance. A lot of druids wanna be feral.

Then again I guess even warriors have the same problem when guilds force them to become pure tanks (bullet catchers).

The problem with mana tide is that you have to spend a whole lot of points in a whole lot of crappy talents to get to it.

If I ever do raid, I'll probably switch to a resto spec. I don't think being a healbot is so bad, the fact is in raids everyone has a very specific job and they're all a something-bot.

I do kind of miss NS. My old shaman was resto and in pvp I still find myself hitting my old NS-healing wave hotkeys, which are now something different, which has made for some interesting fights....

the thing is, we warriors can mostly spec however we like and nobody will really know unless they're extremely observant or we tell them ;)

only in general, not all the time.

Guess you could healbot to get your purple junk then spec back to do PvP again. :-(

That's probably what I'll do, though I think "getting your purple junk" is kind of a long-term project.

The thing is, I mostly heal in instances even now. Shaman heals are pretty mana-efficient, while our dps is a mana sink, plus it is possible to melee and heal at the same time.

One of the best times I ever had in an instance was in ulda, I had to tank the elite golems at the end plus the bosses, plus drop totems, plus heal (our priest never left shadow form the whole time I think). But we finished the instance, it was tough but we finished it.

Also, I'm not sure prot spec warriors even exist. It's rare I even see a warrior with a shield these days....

I'll probably go off of squatdog's advice for my druid. He seems to know his shit.

I would like to call shenanigans as well. If a druid can get a mana pool of 7500+ then I should be able to get 11k easy.

Heart of the wild increases your int by 20% 7500 mana is not hard for a druid to get. I have just under 7k as a shaman.

"Innervate is a level 31 skill."

Yeah, but it won't be for long.

I guess I was wrong. Never payed much attention before but our druids are pretty confident they can get 7500+ if they wanted. Now I'm jealous of you druidic bastards and your druidic antics.

Good use of the word druidic.