Learned a nice same side grip

David Yoshida came by Machado Dallas tonight and showed us a nice inside trip from a same side grip.  It really put the guys weight on his front foot so you could pull of the trip.  He also had a nice detail of keeping the elbow pinned to his leg so he doesn't guard you up.  Also worked on some grip breaking techs.  I think we may start having more regular Judo training.  David was very technical and I really liked his teaching style. 

Yup, David da man...

Rodney, how's about posting this on the BJJ forum....we need some love over there.

Some details would be nice.

yeah, rodney has a tendancy to just write "dear diary" crap. ha ha.

I'll try to explain the o-uchi....

Right v Left - both have each other's lapels. Tori has the top lapel grip with his right hand and grips uke's left sleeve underneath at the elbow with his left hand. Take a small step sideways with your left foot to pull uke in a circle towards you and hit the o-uchi. really keep pressure on his shoulder to keep his weight on his left foot as he steps. go down to the mat with uke and keep your elbows in and your right elbow tight to prevent any guard transition.

really nothing earth shattering, just an o-uchi off that type of 2 on 1 grip.