Learning about boxing?

Hey guys,

I am a new fan to boxing. I was wondering if you guys could recommend some books or resources where I could learn about things like boxing history, fighters, really anything about the sport. Thanks!



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HBO video used to have a series of video tapes showcasing different boxers and their careers. A lot of the footage came from the Jim Jacobs library. Try to track some of that stuff down, it's great!. Also....get a copy of "The Ring" magazine record book,lots of interesting stuff in there.


Thanks dennis5, I'll check 'em out! Do you guys have any more suggestions?

Showtime had a special narrarated by Ferdie Pacheco titled "The 12 Greatest Rounds of Boxing". I believe it's on DVD, take a look at that too. Very informative! ALSO....check your HBO listings for "Legendary Nights".These are short documentaries on Boxing matches shown by HBO in the last 30 years. Most, most excellent! I hope they release these on DVD soon!

ESPN occasionaly shows old boxing fights from the 20s and onwards, videotape everything! :)