Learning an Instrument is a waste of Time these days

I think playing an instrument and achieving a proficiency at it is a waste of time in this new world. You can’t make any money playing music. It’s a hard truth and it sucks

yeah, I like playing the WRONG FORUM ASSHOLE!!!


I finally got to say it

Abc Yes GIF by The Bachelorette


If you’re learning to play an instrument just to make money, yeah, not a good idea but there many reasons to learn to play instruments other than just to make money.


Damn… on point OP.

Someone should tell this to the thousands of great bands feeding their pussy and coke addiction.

Also people like Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars should just stop even trying, they won’t make any money.

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Yeah but the successful ones are less than 1 percent of all musicians. The rest are barely scraping by

i’m guessing you’ve never known how to play an instrument OP? it’s an extremely soothing and satisfying sensation to play an instrument, especially one that uses both hands like piano, the drums, guitar, your penis, etc.

I’ve been playing musical instruments for most of my life. I just think kids should be warned early that being a musician should never be their primary focus for a career. It will lead them to hard times and financial struggle.

i know a few people that went down that path. 3 opera singers (one gave it up when he inherited an 8 figure number, one sings for the dallas opera, one is a teacher at DU), a singer/ songwriter that loves what she does but is fucking broke, and 3 people in pretty popular bands that do between comfortable to moderately rich.

not all are are financially successful, but none of them hate what they do for a living.

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best way these days are trying to get popular on YouTube and make money that way… which is about as hard as the real way. if you do lots of guitar reviews, it will help get views. I did one on a popular cheap guitar and it was my most views. still isn’t shit if you don’t have 1000 subscribers tho. which I dont

I learned because I loved it, no monetary gain at all.

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We always knew you were an expert on wind instruments…

If you want to make millions in entertainment your best chance is football if you have the right genetics. NFL Qb has some of the smallest capable talent pools with the biggest return of any sport. Blue state white ppl don’t even let their sons play football but they still buy the product. Many of the red state sons are eliminated because of their lack of intelligence.
Agree with op about the instruments, you can make amazing music with a conputer now

Reminds me of a conversation about the food industry… guy said the real money’s not in opening restaurants, the real money is in selling restaurant equipment.

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You can still make a great middle class living playing real instruments.

The 1% metric is what’s ridiculous.

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those are all percussion instruments with the exception of the guitar.

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Does take away from the fact your an expert on wind instruments…lol.

And I play guitar. That didn’t work…

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i just meant that guitar isn’t a percussion instrument, it’s a string instrument.

i’m not very good with wind instruments. i’ve played all the others pretty well at time though, especially my penis on your face.

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right. ask a celebrity chef if they regret their path. there’s money in anything if you’re good enough.

Ba da tum…


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