Learning Oracle / SAP ERP

Hi Guys,

I've been applying to several jobs in accounting which require knowledge of Oracle or SAP ERPs.

Does anyone know of any self-study software on CD-ROM that would help me learn these two software systems?

Any help would be appreciated

First of all, find out what version of SAP they are running. Also find out what type of work you are going to be doing for them. Do you need to know the configuration or programming side of things? Or do you simply have to know how to navigate through the programs? Once you pin point what you'll be doing - post on here again with more info and I'll point you in the right direction. Oracle/SAP/any ERP system are the proverbial 8,000 pound gorillas, there are many areas of expertise, you only need to master what is pertinent to your job.

Here's a tip that will make you look smart: ask them what SAP Modules you will be required to work in. SAP is broken up into modules (accounts receivable, Human resources, Materials, etc). Once you find out what modules you'll be working in and at what capacity, look on Amazon or some other book store, there's tons of shit out there. Good luck.


thank you for responding. I'll take your advice on asking which module they use and then using amazon to find a suitable learning guide.

Right now, I don't know which version they are running. I simply need to know how to navigate the programs, especially the financials module for both erps.

Do you know of any CD-ROM learning guides that simulate the screens of the actual erps?

Thanks again.

I don't have any specific CDROMs to point you towards. It's been a long time since I was an SAP Consultant. Find an FI/CO module cdrom or book. Chances are they are on the most current version of SAP (4.?). Try doing a google search for "SAP CBTs" there should be some CBTs out there that will help guide you through the module. Also, go to the bookstore and look at some FI/CO books, many of them have a CD in the back that you can familiarize yourself with. Good luck, wish I could be more helpful.


thanks for your helps, I found out that oracle produces a self study CD-ROM that covers financials. My cousin who is an oracle consultant can get it for free so I'm ok.

Take Care.