Learning SPEAR

How much time does a student need to succesfully convert the flich into the SPEAR and be able to use it effectively?


Well thats a simple question:

1. Depends on who's teaching it .

2. Depends on who the student is.

3. Depends on who is attacking.

4. Depends on the attack.

Those ads and instructors that tell you (without ever meeting
you) how good you'll be in 'X' amount of time should be
dragged out back....


Having offered the classic 'Blauer Reply' where no XYZ
information is provided, let me say that we have people
emailing us all the time about their successes with the
SPEAR System, in fact after the last feature in Black Belt
where the interview required 2 issues to complete do to
details and examples (some rocket scientist had the audactiy
to post here asking why I splay my fingers? "Thats all he and
others see in the system ) but others get it and one of th
ereaders actually wrote in shortly afterwards about his use of
the startle/flinch conversion used against a burglar in his
home and all he had invested in the system was reading of
the article.

Comprehension is subject to subjectivity.


Tony, As usual, good answer. Thank you.
By the way, today I was doing some training with my training partner, when we decided to work a little bit the SPEAR, but we went through all the stages explained in the tape SPEAR Fundamentals.
Well, I have to tell you that the SPEAR concept worked almost 90% of the time. At one moment, I tried to punch him when jumping in order to reach his face, and he SPEAR on me, one forearm hit my ribs and I couldnt breath for a while. Very painfull.
I´m sure it is a great system.


Thought this thread deserved another read :-)