Learnt something NEW

Amazing. Are the rumours true Elvis, is he up around 90kg these days?

Do they drug test in these local competitions?

The guy is amazing .
I have just recieved by post his hard to get guard video set.
1# the guard , 2#. the 1\2 guard , 3# the 1\4 Guard
But the double 2hr set of finishes and sweeps from the 1\8 Guard blew my mind .
People are now tapping like the tap dogs , I even feel bigger .
Thanks Luke it's worth every cent .

I know, I'm amazed everytime I get on the mat from him... My worst injury appears to be my wrist, from slapping the mat so much...

Well they say BJJ is evolving, I was told Luke is the trend setter in this department.

That guy is just so innovative its uncanny.
What will he think of next?

Luke Beston came to training on the weekend. I grabbed him and we had a quick grapple and I learnt something amazing. He went for what I thought was guard, but it wasn't. It was like a guard, without being a guard. It was like only half of a guard. He called it half guard. How amazing is that!



Seriously? I have been told he is 90kg and about 9% body fat. The chicken was probably for one of his rather heavier training partners.

Hey Pikachu I saw Luke walk out of KFC with a big bucket of chicken in his hands

Seriously he was hanging with none other than Elvis Presley

Now I know you are just trolling :)

That wasnt Luke with Elvis Presley, it was Bruce Lee.

You know you could be right Redneck they both look so alike. Elvis and Bruce that is

LOL, well they both get spotted working in a lot of 7-11 stores.

Elvis its ok you and alot of other great fighters have all succumbed to the Luke Beston Guard or as Jeff Blatnick calls it the LB Guard..

1800-Lukeguardrulz for the support you need.