Leasing vs buying (car)

Anybody ever leased a car? What are the advantages of leasing over owning? Phone Post

several, it depends on your needs at the time. If you don't put a lot of miles on a car it can save you money and headaches.

I would change the oil every 5,000 and then after 3 years I just took the car to carmax and they offered me $2,000 more than the buyout for the car, so I basically traded it in for $2,000. I didn't need to worry the tires were going to need replacing shortly, and the other 60,000 mile services etc.

I had another car that I really didn't like, but it worked for me, so after the 24 month lease I just took it back to the dealer and dropped it off.

Unless you own your own buisness and can write of the lease, buying is the better financial option in the long run.

If you don't put in a lot of miles and you buy a new car every 2 or 3 years then leasing maybe a better option as leasing is cheaper normally month to month.

If you drive a lot and keep your cars long term then buying is the better option.

Leasing isn't all that bad if you like to change cars pretty often. I've owned my last 3 and looking back, leasing would have been wiser. I get sick of the same car after 3-4 years. Phone Post 3.0