least fun drug u ever did??

i would have to say the anti depression medicine zoloft...man, that shit was fucked...it just got me fucked up in a wierd confusing way, i remember thinking "im so fucked up, but i dont know how i am fucked up"...also aderol sucks too...i took a bunch, then i forgot, and i smoked some weed and i was thinking "why do i feel wierd"...it took me hours to remember i ate aderol


iamfedor, what did the adderall/weed combo feel like/do to you, and what was the timeframe between the adderall and weed? Also, was it the XR version?

morning glory seeds made me puke blood, and nutmeg just makes one bored for 16 hours and dead tired for another 36.

Hydrochloride sleeping pills,bottle of robitusin DM, 12 pack and weed....All together! It's a wonder I didn't die many times.


alcohol made me puke my guts out, then I still felt sick the entire next day.

timeframe was i smoked maybe an hour or two after i took it, im not sure if it was that type...it just made me feel wierd and on edge and energetic...nice, i cant believe someone else did nutmeg...i ate that once and i ate too much and tripped for like a day and a half....da illl

Acid + Slayer + mosh pit = hell

for the guy that said k, u must have done too much...which is extremely easy, i have done it maybe 4 or 5 times and i did too much once, (it was like a baby line) and its similar to when your too drunk

"Acid + Slayer + mosh pit = hell "--------------------------------------------LOL, whoa there man.....you were just asking for a seriously bad trip. All of those things are fun, but not all together.

I would have to say coke, always makes me feel like shit and I also always regret it.

in new jersey kids talked about the k hole like it was the worst thing ever...kids in southern ontario do k specifically to get to the k hole (at least a bunch of kids i know)...definately pretty wierd...one time i did k when i was coming down from mushrooms and it was one of the craziest things i ever experienced

wow, i wouldnt let u choke me

The most fun=Acid
The least fun=Acid


I've never had a good experience on them.

"It's not a consensual activity, most of the time. "
i was kinda thinking that, u know, because its like "I CHOKE YOU"...not "CAN I CHOKE YOU"

barbarian...either u havent done them with people u were comfortable with, you havent done them in a good setting, or you just arent really in a good mindset when u do them...why were these mushroom trips bad?


Diet coke and Mentos