Leatherman Tread Sale!

I’d like to have that one also.

Got mine today. Was surprised how large it was and that i only had to remove one link. The hard part was finding a penny to use to remove the screws.

It’s very comfortable and it’s already been useful. Hope everyone that ordered likes it.

I’m trying to decide which wrist to wear my Tread, and which wrist to wear my 550 cord survival bracelet.?.

About 15 years ago my old company gave out engraved leathermans for thanksgiving. Why thanksgiving? Nobody knows as my boss would just laugh at anyone who asked. Ive carried that mfer almost everyday, everywhere. No clue what model but ive never had to actually sharpen it, well maybe once. Best thanksgiving day present ever

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Post some pics

Literally the best and first thing a dude should carry. I have in my vehicle or whatever bag I’m carrying 99% of the time. That pry bar comes in handy all the time

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