Leave Cannon Alone!

This place is really getting out of hand with the disrespect to fighters. Why does this guy get shit on for doing what most of this forum will never have the balls to do?

There was even a fighter on here shittalking him who he bear a week later lol.

I'm not a frequenter of the UG, but I have noticed an 'anti-Cannon' sentiment over here.

He's a fighter, plain and simple.

You win some you lose some. He has the balls (you can call it stupidity) to keep doing what he loves and to keep getting back in there.

*runs back to OG*

I'm going to the OG too.

ttt for da' cannon.

See what i mean.

The problem with Shannon is he fights week after week even if he gets KTFO. The end result is gonna be him dieing or very serious brain trauma taking MMA several steps in the wrong direction. He should as least take 30 days between fights for his personal safty as well as for the sport.

I hate buying a ticket to watch the Cannon give up.

we hate and attack the defects in others that we also posess thats why we hate them so much,

Its not like Crocop is kicking him in the head. People need to get off his back.


It's like a parent's concern. We're worried about his safety and the flow-on effect to MMA. Shannon shouldn't take it personally.

Dude, I don't enter these threads, but I can see why there is concern.

I think it's past the whole freaking out over his record thing too...

I know I feel genuinely concerned. Shannon comes across as a super nice guy on here. I saw Shannon's post about it not being a real KO, so if that's the case, it's all good.

You can't hate the guy for getting paid, fighting all over the world, doing the thing he loves to do!

More power to the Cannon.  He is living his dream and the haters just envy all the action he is getting (128 pro fights).

Just as long as there is a demand for that type of fighter, he will continue to get booked and get paid.

You can't blame the guy because people want him to fight in their show.

I agree that The Cannon should be praised for doing what he loves and he never claims to be the best at it or anything so I don't know why people give him such a hard time.

I am a fighter and I respect him.

As for talking shit, I think that just about every fighter does it, from time to time.  It can be a part of the sport, meant to build HYPE.

"we hate and attack the defects in others that we also posess thats why we hate them so much"

LOL. Did you get out your "Quotable Quotes" book to find that? What a bunch of shit.

look, you guys aren't doing Shannon any favors by supporting him. I have nothing against Shannon personally at all, but he WILL die in the ring if he doesn't change his behavior. That's just a fact. Anyone who's even passingly familiar with combat sports can see it coming

I think every org should mandate a one month period after a KO.

I don't agree with allowing Shannon to fight before then, seeing as he just got KOed.

covh1451,,,, think what you want but it's the truth. I volintere at a teen camp for adicts and I see and feel it every day I'm there,I get mad when I see a little part of me in them. It's because they remind you want you need to work on you self and that pisses you off. so say what you will but if you think about it maybe one day it will click and that is one more step to being a better man.