Leaving for Thailand in 40mins - Any tips?

I'm leaving for the airport to head to Thailand soon. Trying to burn a few minutes since I already to go. Anyone have any cool tips for things to do?

I'll be in Bangkok for a few days. Then it's off to Ko Phi Phi and Phuket. Anything that I should check out that most people wouldn't know to do?

You lucky SOB. That is all, enjoy your trip! Will be going to Philippines for 3 weeks in April then over to Thailand for a week, so keep us updated with whats going on and any cool experiences and recommendations!

Check under the skirt before you buy lol.

Just got back from the Philippines. Boracay is fucking awesome. Check out the local bars at the North end(?) on the beach. You will see where all the tourist bar/clubs are, just keep walking and you will come to a road behind the beach front hotels. There is one local bar there where all the waitress and staff go to. I got laid every night picking up chicks at that bar.

Don't screw any 12 year old girls?

Good advice for anyone really, not just those going to thailand I guess.

My dad just got back from Singapore and Thailand for work, he was staying in a pretty nice area and said that the police did a pretty good job keeping the ladyboys away from the nicer areas in Singapore, but they ran rampant in Thailand.

I'm not looking for any prostitutes. Last weekend my friends paid me to fuck some Korean prostitute in Seoul. One of the worst experiences in my life.

Obviously, she wasn't pretty as to why they paid me to fuck her. We were fucking hammered and just not a good experience. I'll stick to bar sluts.

If he wants to be a woman let him be a woman. You going tiger muay Thai? Phone Post

Philippines is crazy with lady boys. They are aggressive as fuck too. Grabbing on to you and following you. I'm a nice guy and would never tell someone to just fuck off. So it was really frustrating for me. My friends are not so nice and would get angry at them.

Nah, I'm not a fighter. lol, I'm just going to get some nice weather and travel. I live in Seoul and it is really cold right now. Need some time on the beach to de-thaw my bones and maybe bang a few hot Thai chicks.

I went tiger muay Thai for 3 months loved Phuket. Get to the bars on kata and karon quiet but fun bit off the tourist path. Phone Post

Funny lady boy story. So we were at that club in Boracay I mentioned earlier. My friend is dancing with a chick. So he reaches down at some point and rubs her crotch. He GRABBED a DICK!! He just turned around and walked straight out of the bar and back to the hotel. Never said a word.

Time to go. Thanks for wasting time with me. Have a great holiday everyone. Thanks for the tip Loco.

Have fun and wear a condom lol Phone Post

yeah Ive got a pretty sick story from a freind who knows this guy who was out there.

He was sitting at a table at a club in thailand and this girl came along asked him he he wanted a blowy and he said fine, she went down on him under the table, about 5 mins later these huge balls droped from under the 'girls' skirt apprantely he was pass the point of no return so he finished.

Hence my advice at the top. And no it was not me lol.

Don't carry any drugs. They do routine strip-searches of tourists and the bribes needed to stay out of a cosy thai prison are huge.

If you stay away from the hotel restaurangs, the food is super cheap and really good.

Never been there but have friends living there.