Leaving for thailand

Im at the airport about to fly to bangkok to train at the FAIRTEX thai camp. This should be a great experience. Ill update when I havetim off from training.

Yeah, buddy! For how long?

Good luck and have fun!! Hope you arrive there safely!

Have a great trip Gabe.

Happy New Year

Its been great so far. A run at 5am for an hour, then pads and conditioning until 830. I didnt sleep at all last night, so I went and lifting weights at 3am.

The weather is perfect and the trainers are top notch. My next session starts at 230PM and should last until 6. The camp itself is really clean and well stocked. Ive seen pictures of other camps and Im really happy that Im at this one.

I guess fairtex has two camps here. This one(bangplee) is for more serious training and the other one(pattaya) which is I guess like a resort.

Gabe-where are you, Bangplee or Pattaya?

lucky man, thai chicks are smokin

good luck with the training

That is awesome. Enjoy and good luck in camp.

nice. real classy post, cretard.

I'll be in Hua Hin which is a couple of hours south of Bangkok on Sat

Happy New Year Gabe!

Have a great time and stay safe. Did you hear about Yuji getting his balck belt?

good luck, dont get kicked in the nuts, it'll stunt your future babies, as if they dont have a hard enough time as it is:)

p.s no matter what those hookers tell you, they are indeed hiv positive.

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good stuff mate

Come on... Gabe's a pro at dealing with hookers.

Good luck on your trip to Thailand!!!


motherfuckin lucky bastard

lucky bastard! lol. good luck.