Leben vs Franklin

Who'd take this? Based off what they did to wandy, is this an easy win for chris? I wana see it.

Franklin seems to be happy at 205 away from AS. So I dont think this fight would happen. If it did I would have Franklin winning a UD by picking his spots and circling out.

Leben KOs Franklin Phone Post

yeah i know they arnt at the same weight right now. Id still be super pumped to see this one, i think franklin would be in trouble if leben put some leather on him tho.

the only way its ending by k.o is by leben,

chris hits hard, but rich wouldnt be sitting there to get hit. The bis busted up Chris. Rich would do the same.

Too bad this fight will not happen. Rich is just fighting fights, not looking for a title run. Chris is looking for one last title run

Well maybe when chris loses again we might see this. Both of these guys always put on exciting ones.

mayhem would be fun to watch to.

leben prolly couldn't beat franklin

like to see him try bisbang again