Leben vs Martin UFN 11

Just reported on Taggradio, Terry Martin vs Leben

Man you've been the bearer of much news lately. Time for you to open up the Bill Jackson blog.

Very tough fight for Leben. Another loss for him could very well drop him back to the WEC. Martin is a real threat at 185.

Leban hasn`t had much luck fighting Canadians lately and I highly doubt he will have any against Martin.

Leben is now the head instructor for Icon gym in Hawaii so its pretty safe to say he will be signing a contract to fight for them once he gets booted from UFC.

Martin is Canadian?

what happened with Swick?

Swick is fighting Jonathon Goulet instead.

Why do I have to keep watching Leben??????

Martin via knockout. Should be fun to watch.

Another highlight reel for Terry Martin.


I'm actually looking forward to this fight.

"leben, please go away."

i agree

Holy crap.... ive been waiting for an Idiot to stand and bang with Martin.. UFC thank you!Martin is gonna knock the color out Lebens hair..

ttt Martin!!!!!!!!!

knock em silly!!!!!

I know this is looking ahead, but assuming Martin wins this by KO, how far away is he from a title shot? After Franklin there isn't really any top contenders at middleweight.

I think Martin would be a much tougher fight than Swick. Leben needs a big win. Go Leben.

Farmer I agree. I really wanted to see Martin against Swick or even Okami but if he takes out Leben in the first round, like im betting he would, i see him with a title shot late this year. what you think?

terry will end lebens ufc career!!

terry will end this one in brutal fashion. if i were to guess lebens head will land in the 5th or 6th row.

leben would of had a better chane fighting mike. this one ends early in the first round.