Leben vs Wand!!

Who'd like to see that? I heard they both want to fight each other and think it'd be a GREAT fight!!

only if it happens in hawaii at the stan sheriff.


Thanx Man! Id go to Vegas to watch that scrap ;)

I'd watch it.

and that's saying something because I haven't watched the last 10 UFCs. Phone Post

I heard.....yes

I might actually watch

Confirmed for July 2.

I'm definitely watching this Phone Post

Confirmed for July 2 Phone Post

When is this? Phone Post

UFC 132!!!

I have already begun to practice my best Vanderlei impersonations and begun looking for a cave man mask so that I can better mimic the Brazilian legend.

a dangerous fight for both guys

a dangerous fight for both guys

This is a great fight for Leben. I think he'll get the KO.