Leben's sprawl?

Is it good enough to keep a guy like MacDonald at bay?

listen mcdonald is no world class fighter he is ok at everything he was at the top of his game for the herman fight i seen his fight with cote and he was dominated i think we are all underestimating leben and you donnt know how much it hurts to type this

Macdonald isn't some world class grappler. He even got submitted by Cote. He won't submit Leben.

"Leben's sprawl is pretty legendary. " He couldn't stop KOS, not even close...

Kos also has the best double in the ufc

The KOS jockryde is little strong around here...

I'm very interested in this matchup...I think tonights card is great...

Kos is hardly the best wrestler to fight MMA. Not by a long long shot.

Long long long shot.

Really that was about the dumbest thing you could have said.

I have never heard of Leben having an amazing sprawl.

I think he only has high school level wrestling experience.