Lebron goes nuts vs. Nets

41 pts and 13 assists while playing point guard....damn.Not only that, he was clutch. Check out the last 38 seconds of overtime:(0:38) [CLE 103-104] James Driving Layup: Made (37 PTS) Assist: Newble (2 AST)
(0:38) [NJN] Team Timeout: Regular
(0:38) [CLE] Nailon Substitution replaced by Brown
(0:27) [NJN] Jefferson Layup Shot: Missed
(0:25) [NJN] Harris Rebound (Off:1 Def:3)
(0:19) [NJN] Jefferson Turnover: Bad Pass (4 TO) Steal: James (3 ST)
(0:16) [CLE 105-104] James Driving Layup: Made (39 PTS)
(0:11) [NJN] Team Timeout: Short
(0:06) [NJN] Jefferson Jump Shot: Missed
(0:04) [CLE] James Rebound (Off:2 Def:4)
(0:01) [CLE 107-104] James Slam Dunk Shot: Made (41 PTS)
(0:00) [NJN] Kittles Jump Shot: Missed
(0:00) [NJN] Team Rebound
(0:00) End PeriodRecap: Lebron scores, steals the ball, scores again, rebounds the ball and scores again for the win. Cleveland was looking at a situation where they needed to foul before the steal.I think they might just want to move Lebron to point guard now. Everyone says he needs to get experience as an off-guard, but this is a special player we're talking about here and he could be ready right now.

"He should've went to college for at least a year."

LMAO when these racists spit that kind of bullshit out. Oh, so now not finishing college is a good thing?

who the hell said that???

I guess nobody. But today I heard someone say Deng should stay in school another year and it really pissed me off. I probably just shouldn't watch college basketball. I can't stand to watch these fucking coaches making millions. I should probably start a new thread about this subject when I can be more coherent.

yea, Deng should go. I'm sure he will tho'- and I doubt coack K will try to talk him out of it.

solid game for LJ.

gusto why all the bitching and whining about NBA players coming out of High School but it's OK for baseball player, tennis, etc.?

TTT for Melo whooping major ass last night getting the same amount of points with nine less free throw attempts!!! 19 of 29 from the floor!!!