Lebron is going bald

 He needs to shave his head asap so he can stop wearing the childish headband to cover his thinning hairline and start winning titles

LOL this is just now a topic?

Im barely 27 but I have luscious dome locks and if that changed I would take a bic to it. Fortunately I have anice smooth whiteboy head. Anyway lebron's "solution" to his hair line recession is pathetic. He might as well wear a hat in his postgames.

Or be a man and do what Jordan and Patrick Stewart did, you scared man child.

i started just shaving my head bald since 6 years now...i figured what the heck is the use to getting a "bold fade " cut when its next to a bald look ..

nothing like that smooth marble head of mine where i can just get up and go .. plus it looked cool while balling when i was playing for a city league in DC :)


lebron james wouild actually look good bald imo


Seriously he should have ditched the headband a few years back. And it's obvious he wears it up in the front to hid his hair loss.

i actually thought it was for looks and style mostly like other players.






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Legit LOL.

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lol wrong

sup with ( maybe just me) the dark areas around the side of his face near his eyes...its like it turning black on both sides



I haven't laughed so hard in a while :-D

Lol, funny shit.

But seriously in the history of sports, no one's hairline receded faster than Wayne Rooney's. Someone post those comparison photos.

Here ya go:


 Damn, and Wayne Rooney is only 25.