Lebron is to Jordan as Melo . . .

Lebron is to Jordan as Melo is to Glenn Robinson.

Enjoy your career Big Dog.


Tim Thomas is to Billy Owens as Chris Webber is to Christopher Lowell


And LMAO @ Tim Thomas is to Billy Owens as Chris Webber is to Christopher Lowell


Melo's game is horrible. He either pulls for a jumper inside the 3pt line or drives to the hoop OUT OF CONTROL or spins for BS layup.

You would be incorrect, as usual. Melo is a good passer, rebounder, defender, and he gets to the line. He leads his team in plus/minus.


Really his only weakness is turnovers. In time he'll take better care of the ball and his mediocre jumpshot will improve. At that point he'll be an all-star, though certainly never a hall-of-famer like Lebron and Wade.

Oh No...shawns with his 82game.com stats.

witty retort, manjuice sipper

LOL, yea. Comparing Melo to Glen Robinson is a disgrace. Melo is a great player. He just cannot take very shot like Lebron does because he actually has good players around him.


Melo is a dunce.

Your mom is a whore shaun. :)

Melo is a numbers guy with the same game as Big Dog.

Just be glad he's like Glen Robinson and not like Cuonzo Martin.

Nice Purdue reference but you're wrong about Melo. He's a good defender and takes it to the hoop. Robinson did neither.

Robinson now does shit.

But there's a reason he was taken #1 ahead of Kidd and Grant Hill. And ahead of Sharone Wright.

Melo = Big Dog.

Any other comparison come close?

Melo = Ken Norman maybe? Or what other Bucks losers are there for him to be like?

What does draft position have to do with how a guy performed in the league? What specifically are your problems with Melo's game?

he's not Lebron or Wade. I haven't seen him make his teammates better at the pro level.

He's not Lebron or Wade so that makes him Glenn Robinson? tf?

As far as making teammates better that's a physical impossiblity. You cannot make someone else better. You can make your TEAM better. This year the Nuggets have performed best with Melo on the floor.

Again, do you have a specific problem with his game?

He doesn't take the ball to the basket enough, has poor shot selection, takes too long to shoot (leading to the poor shot selection), and is just another post up small forward.

And stop dis-respecting Big Dog, he was a very good scorer and rebounder at the 3 for a good number of years.

By comparing him to BD, I'm getting the point across that Melo is not a number one guy for a championship team, or even a co-number one.

Last season he was constantly going to the basket. I think the injuries have affected him this season. And again, I'll counter by pointing out that Melo plays D, something I never remember Big Dog doing.

in the games I've watched I've never been impressed with Melo's D.

BD still has career numbers, even after a down year last year, of :

20.8 ppg, 6.1 rb, 2.8 assists, 3.2 turnovers, and 1.2 steals shooting 46%.

Almost the same exact career numbers of Melo.

21.1, 6.1, 2.9, 3.2, 1.2, 42%

Maybe I don't watch enough Nuggets games, or maybe Melo was dogging it under a lame duck coach.

Or maybe that Fugazy next to him is a bad influence.