Lebron vs Carmelo

Where are the fools who actually thought there was a debate?

There was, last year.

melo is a better scorer IMO. he is very skilled at that end of the floor and does not rely much on athleticism. has the mid-range game and very slick around the hoop including back to the basket. it's tough to judge his progress this year due to multiple injuries. however he has not developed as much as lebron even "discounting" for injuries.

lebron has better court vision, passing ability and is the better defender due to effort and athleticism. lebron is certainly a good scorer... but does not have the skill set of melo. he might develop those skills though.

lebron is the better all around player right now.

And will continue to be the better all around player for the rest of their careers. :)

Carmello lost most of his support when his character flaws starteded popping up toward the end of the last season. I still feel like he should have gotten rookie of the year. With all that said there isn't much of a comparison this season.

I knew Lebron would be better, but there was a legitimate debate as to who had a better rookie season. I thought they were equal.

I was on that thread, and their were lots of people here saying Melo was better.

Thats why I made this thread.

People said he was a winner cause his team won the NCAA title. Now I guess he's a loser because his team didn't win the NBA title.