So true I'm going to start doing this Phone Post 3.0


Is that what happens after Lebron fucks the shit out of you? She must have gotten it bad.

Good...good Phone Post 3.0

I prefer the original


Don't know how to post videos yet.

Stephanie Tanner actin' a fool!

Hocky Balboa -

Stephanie Tanner actin' a fool!

Is this a full house reference ?

If so, AWESOME!!! Phone Post 3.0

The girl in the first pic would get it.

WithoutSpoilersdotCom - the girl on the left has a face like the midget from twin peaks
LOL, the dream man Phone Post 3.0

I'm surprised my efforts to push #Lebrawdo never started trending. I guess most people are #NotSure if it's cool enough to be interested in a great play on words.

I'd bury my face in there

OblongBox -

Lol Phone Post 3.0

TTT Phone Post 3.0

OblongBox -

These kids are awesome! Phone Post 3.0


Hocky Balboa -

Stephanie Tanner actin' a fool!

How rude! Phone Post 3.0