Lee Murray Interview...

...up now at www.sfuk.net

Check it out.

good interview.

See now? He doesn't seem so bad.



TheExtreme - at least you are one of the few people commenting on Murray who HAVE seen him fight!

I am looking forward to the fight myself, should be a good win for either fighter whichever way it goes.

The Extreme what fight of Murrays did u see?

sfuk that shit. post it here. or link.

UFC is looking for volunteers in the UK to put up posters and flyers for the upcoming event on Saturday, January 31st.

If you guys want the UFC to continue to be aired on Setanta then we must show them that there is a fan base in the UK.

If you would like to help out please email your name & address to:


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I will be forming groups to distribute the flyers with one person being in charge of dispersing the materials.

You wanted UFC 46 aired on Setanta and we got the deal done but I stress that they will only continue airing UFC if the numbers improve from the last show.

Thanks to all in advance who sign-up!!!

Thanks for the interview.

Lol how long ago were those fights. Doerkson was years ago and one of his first fights. Most people are judging him on his recent fights, namely Rahndivardi (4 sec KO) and Pele (KO)

i never said i was impressed, i also never said i wasn't you shouldnt make such assumptions :) I've watched him train and anyone can see how pumped up he is for the fight

Seano is correct about the Doerkson fight, it was a very long time ago and Lee has improved dramatically since his early fights as anyone would expect.

Im not going to make a prediction, the fight is there to be won by either man and on jan 31st we'll see what happens :)


I left a mail at the UFC box- I can help and get guys from my club to help too.

after seeing him fight, i'm definately on the murray bandwagon