Lee Murray (old news, but cool nonetheless)


Lee Murray Update
By Kid Nate
Posted on Wed Jan 30, 2008 at 10:53:55 PM EDT

You guys know I can't resist blogging about Lee "Filfy" Murry, truly MMA's most dangerous man. Well it looks like he won't be extradited from Morocco to Britain to face trial for jacking £53 million (and that's pounds so its over $100 million). Oh yeah and over £32 of the money may never be recovered:


The man, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, is now defending moves to extradite him to Britain and claiming Moroccan nationality through his father.

Police believe the suspect, one of Britain's top cage fighters, may have been forced to postpone his alleged plans for the robbery by several months after he was the victim of a stabbing through the heart outside a nightclub.

Although he lost 30 pints of blood surgeons were able to staple his punctured lung and repair the heart wound.

The father-of-three and his alleged lieutenant in the heist, a fellow cagefighter who cannot be named, are alleged to have driven to Dover, Holland and then travelled to Morocco in the days after the raid.

They arrived in Rabat with two associates, police believe.

They were allegedly seen in the nightclub of the city's finest hotel, La Tour Hassan, mingling with well-heeled young Moroccans as they came out to dance at midnight, while taxi drivers were tipped handsomely.

Basing themselves in a rented villa in the upmarket Souissi district, near homes owned by members of the Saudi and Emirates royal families, the friends would take trips along the coast to Casablanca or inland to Marrakech, spending time in lavish hotels and at gaming tables.

The men also shopped extensively and drove around in a gold Mercedes.

The cage fighter had decided to buy and renovate a luxury villa for around £700,000, complete with bronze statues, marble floors, ornate staircases and a gym and sauna in the basement.

The centrepiece was to be a lifesize mural of the cage fighter winning one a high-profile bout in Las Vegas, overlooking a whirlpool bath. There would also be rooms for his two children and two parents.



Good on Lee Murray. Stickin it to the man!

I know hes a bad ass. But for some reason his technique doesnt look very good hitting the pads there. Although Im sure he hits hard as fuck

 Although he missed, the first punch(es) he threw at Rivera in his UFC fight looked like they'd knock a bull out. So yeah, if he connects, I'm sure he hits HARD. The thing is, you have to be able to land the power shots clean - not so easy (especially in MMA).

He's 100% street thug that got into professional fighting. No more, no less.

 Yeah, exactly. You've got to take it for what it's worth - just an interesting story. It's not supposed to inspire anyone or make them envious in any way. :)

"I know hes a bad ass. But for some reason his technique doesnt look very good hitting the pads there. Although Im sure he hits hard as fuck"

Apple, I think that was not long after being stabbed in the heart.


Clip of him before the Pele fight. Sparring with James Zikic and hitting the bag a little

For Diego Stole My Name

Liyon - He's 100% street thug that got into professional fighting. No more, no less.

Lee Murray VS Kimbo?


This dude has become a legend. But seriously, where is he right now? That article makes it sound like they don't even know it's him.

^ I've always loved your track choices, Ghengis Con. You're a master.

Didn't they change the extradition laws just for Murray and extradite him anyway? I know I saw that story long after I saw this one, can anyone confirm what happened.

I the guy who said he is the real life James Bond, in what way? Seriously, I could see like an oceans 13 angle or something but if anything he would be the guy that James Bond would be chasing wouldn't he?

"Lee Murray vs. Kimbo"

Lee by Hannibal Lecter-style killing

Lee Murray is a bad ass, a thug, a warrior, and a criminal.

He is a bad man, but quite interesting.

I see him like sort of Evil Bas Rutten.

I liked Lee Murray, Im sure Tito is happy to see him rotten in a prison LOL

I recall a interview about him fighting Phil Baroni he said

" He finks hes a banga, no Im the fucken banga. Im 6'3 and hes 5'9 , while hes trying to hit me wiff punches Ill be nukk'n his fucken head off !!"

Guys tough as nails , gets jumped and stabbed , left for dead. Few weeks latter hes training and at the same bar he got stabbed.