Lee Murray responds on RADIO

Lee Murray responds to Phil Baroni today...

Today is Thursday, march 4th...at 8:40am pacific time.
The show is coming on in 20 minutes. You can listen to it LIVE STREAMING at this address...

If they still have buffering problems like yesterday then it might cut in and out, but you can still listen to it.

OR you can listen to it later today in the ARCHIVE if you sign up for $5/month.

'tis f@#$ing cool! :-)

cool, thanks... can someone who types fast please transcribe on to this thread =P

Phil should not be taken lightly,-jk

waiting for the "is there a translator with him" responses.

listening now

enough with the "owned" pics...

The show just started!!!!

hes here

Damn, he starts off immediately with Lee Murray on the show...

and his voice sounds really muffled
I can`t understand a damn thing that he is saying.

"that guy wont stand with me"

murray seems pissed! lol

I can`t understand what he is saying...but he is talking a mile a minute...and I understood "he thinkgs he`s a fucking badass...I`m a fucking badass!"

...and not he`s saying that he is not scared of "no man".

"...If he is such a badass...(somethng something..."

But Ryan Bennet is stepping in to translate :-)

lee seems pissed

"Who's he beaten? Dave Menne? Does he really think Menne can strike like me? He's crazy!"

damn...he is pissed...I really hope this fight happens.


When asked about money...He says he is not asking for "50+50 or 30+30"...he's just asking for what he thinks he is worth. He says he is only asking for "a couple thousand more than what they are offering" and that the money situation is not so far away.

He said "He`s got a big mouth...Let`s see if Baroni is a real fucking badass!"

I love this...real drama is so much better than pro-wrasslin drama.

That is so yesterday.

Someone ask him if he really posted here.

Why does it keep cutting in and out? Yesterday was the first time I tried listening to it and it did it then also. Is there something I have to do? I am not a computer guru, but I would like to check out the shows. Thanks.

I suppose their bandwidth is limited for the live shows...so it sometimes cuts in and out if a lot of people are listening in on the live stream.

I`m connected with a T-1 connection and it cut in and out for me, so there is nothing that you`re doing wrong. It`s on their end.

I know that the files in the archive do not have the same problem. If you stream the show from the archive, it doesn`t cut in and out like that.

cool. so was it him posting?