Lee Murray to face Machine Gun

A victorious Ronald Jhun at the upcoming ROTR show and this fight is a go for the next UFC.........

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sounds good to me

good match up

"A victorious Ronald Jhun at the upcoming ROTR show and this fight is a go for the next UFC........."

Don't count your chickens before they hatch (or something)...Jhun is up against a very tough and tenacious Ryan "The Lion" Schultz, a young fighter out of Team Quest. Very intriguing matchup, and while Jhun may well be deserving of a UFC shot, Schultz may prove to be the spoiler.

bradu is 100% correct!

when is ROTR

This Friday Loretta

I'll be there to catch the action....

Very interesting because Ryan Schultz is scheduled to face Gil Castillo at WEC on May 21st.

well there are better guys that they could have brought in to face murray, Jhun ain't too shabby of a choice.

Jhun is a top 20-25 guy.

Hmm, hasn't Ron been fighting at 170 for the last couple of years?

If this fight is at 185 lbs it would make more sense to bring in a 185 lber. I understand this will be a showcase fight for Lee and all, but at least make him fight a ranked guy at 185 lbs, instead of a tough journeyman who normally fights at 170 lbs. If you want someone that will slug with him ... then bring in Benji Radach, he'd be a better choice IMO.

Ryan Shultz was just koed by someone that Ron Jhun had koed in JT Taylor. We have watched Ryans fights and he looks really tough this should be good. Ron has been asked but may not be able to fight because he was already contracted to ROTR and they can't afford him getting hurt.

Can't wait for ROTR!!!

He is too small for Murray .I will accept bets .I want Murray

Lee did not TOOL Rivera. I dont remember getting taken down and then being lucky enough to catch someone in a triangle tooling them.im sure if Lee had been a master submissions guy then youd say different.go Jhun!

no luck at UFC level

about time....

you don't get lucky with a triangle choke