Lee Murray, UFC...

What's the deal with Lee Murray's visa? Is he still signed to fight for UFC? I'd like to see him fight more. Any news on what his agenda is or what Zuffa has planned for him?

THe middle weight division is stacked with talent right now. It would be good to throw him in the mix just once. Let Tanner destroy him, or even Baroni.

are his criminal charges resolved?

lol @ Baroni beating Murray. How???

I think Baroni could beat Lee if he doesn't get KO'ed.Baroni can hit hard and he can wrestle prety well, two time All-American, so he has the skills to beat Lee.

Central Michigan University. Baroni has a hell of a
chin too

TTT FOr the clever Baroni meaning Baloney pun.... congrats !

"Baroni has a hell of a chin too"

And it would get tested against Murray.

he was not D1 AA IMO Baronis biggest weakness is his wrestling

they dont need him. He should of took the last fight they offered. Coming off a loss now, and their 185 div. is stacked

He's a forgotten man. He had a window of opportunity when they offered the Riggs fight but Riggs wasn't a big enough name. Now Riggs, Tanner and the other guys that WILL fight are getting the spotlight. Then after Murray got schooled by Anderson he wnet back to coldcocking drunks at his nightclub. Too bad, I really wanted to see him fight but now I don't care.

I don't think Baroni's biggest weakness is his wrestling. He is the only guy who has been able to look somewhat respectable grappling with Lindland. He did hold Lindland off a little.

I would NOT like to see Murray vs. Baroni. Baroni would not box with Murray- Baroni would try to take him down.

A great match-up for Murray in UFC would be Suloev. Both guys would want to stand.

I love to see Murray back in the mix. You can never have too many good fighters.

to the people that obviously dont know wot went on.....he accepted the fight zuffa offered him. he didnt accept riggs cos no one heard of him but he accepted stout...he never fort cos of his visa probs not cos he chose not to.
he then took on one of the worlds best and lost, it went to a decision which is more than newton and steibling and many others can say.
i think he should have another fight or so outside the ufc and then get back in the mix.

Terrell vs. tanner would be a good match, and even if lee gets beat it would still be cool to see him back in the ocatgon, he does have a win against Riveria in the Octagon.

There is a lot of talk about Tanner and how good he is on here.... Is he Champion material? Do you guys really think he's that good? He's definately proven himself thusfar... Can Tanner take Lee if they went at it?

Phil Baroni was a 2x NJCAA all-american. Thats Junior College, he placed 2nd and 5th.

RedskinsFan- I think Bustamante looked pretty respectable grappling with Lindland(2 subs in 1 fight).

You're right. Don't know why I forgot that fight- it's one of my favorites.

But my point is that Baroni is a guy who has held Lindland off a bit on the takedowns, so his wrestling isn't that bad.

i was suprised Tanner took Phil down and did a good job keeping Phil down