Lee Murray update?

Been a while since we have heard anything on the dude! Anybody hear anything on him?

Downs a tastey beverage for Mr. Murray

He KO'd Tito outside a pub. But Tito said he was wearing slick shoes. Lee Murray defeated El Conquistador by armbar/triangle. Lee Murray says he's well rounded. That is all.

He's still a POS if I recall correctly.

Lee Murray is actually one criminal who I am rooting 110% for. Hope he is doing well and gets the chance to fight professionaly again!

who gives a shit.



Last I remember, the Kent police are still trying to extradite him and there will be another hearing in the beginning of May. Should double check it though

He was conspicuously absent at het MEN center, hmmmm.

He'll be headlining for UFC 75 Rockin in the Moroccan

lol Lee Murray is awesome!

i can't remember where is saw it, but he was sentenced to eight or nine months in morocco for a drug charge, but morocco won't extadite him to england for the theft charge because he is of moroccan descent.

Hopefully he'll be extradicted so that he can answer the charges against him. If that happens and he is found guilty I hope he spends many miserable years in a prison cell.

probably wont be fighting any year soon. He wasn't that great anyway

The same Lee Murray that is wanted for holding a family hostage and thieving millions of pounds? Not exactly role model material.

If you read Wikipedia it says that he is currently awaiting extradition back to London; however, since Morocco and London don't have any type of agreement for extraditing someone, they're having a hard time getting him back over there.


update? He is still a criminal.