Lee Murray vs My Mom

In a fignewton eating contest.LMAO off at all you Lee Murray bandwagon jumpers.Lee Murrsy vs this one ,Leemurray vs that one.I never knew that by pulling off a armbar,and getting into a bar fight with a drunk Tito could get you so much fame.How about Lee Murray vs Micheal Jackson's pet monkey BOBO.

I tend to agree, the Murray hype machine is out of control.

ernd's mom by TKO, 0:32 R1

Bubbles by poop-flinging KO, 0:46 R1

ernd's mom by voilent Blow Job, Round one.

Lee Murray can beat anyone on the filthy streets of London.

Does your mom have dress shoes and is an alcholic? if

ern's mom rnd 1 ref stoppage

seriously ..Tito would savagely beat the game Murray..

Murray won't pass your mom's guard.........unless she's an ugo.

Bet against what????????????????Why are you crums jocking this guy so much.He wins one I mean one fight he is put in the same class as Cro-cop,Nougeria,and Couture.Typical troll behavior.Most of you guys that are talking shit dont even have a martialarts background on your profiles. Fucking crums