Lee Murray vs. Rickson???

Nobody has thought of this yet?? A fight for the ages....

Lee Murray by flying triangle.

agree totally

Will this madness never end!?

Rickson by quick submission.

Gary Hughes

I still wanna see Lee Murray vs. John Marsh.

Murray by a filthy footlock.

rickson easily

agree shanex

Whats with all the Lee Murray threads? He was given that submission in the last ufc. Anyone that is half good at Jiu jitsu could have recognized that Rivera laid in his guard with one arm in and one arm out just asking for it. I did not see the pele fight so I cant say anything about that one.

Rickson wouldn't stand a chance if the fight was in the filthy streets of London.

oh god...

Crack-addict vs. UG

Lee Murray gets alot of credit for fighting in nightclubs.

Is Rickson wearing dress shoes?