LeFraud James quits on his team as Lakers get rolled by Suns

This is true…in the playoffs vs the Suns…one game he didn’t take a shot in the 2nd half

Ive never seen OAN and dont have a twitter account. Im talking as a former NBA fan who used to watch and enjoy the game with my wife in the 90s. EVERYBODY knew and loved Jordan, and that love drew them further into the NBA in general. They loved him because he acted like a winner in all the best and most important ways in sport. You could tell your own kid, no matter what sport he or she played, that they could look at Jordan and be better by emulating his approach. The one great thing about LeBron is the one thing you cant teach anyone, which is his body and athletic ability. The rest is stuff you would specifically tell your kid NOT to be or do.

In addition, even though LeBron isnt singlehandedly responsible for the dynamic, players used to grow attached to and represent the cities they played in, so a casual fan in a place like Chicago could still feel good watching and rooting for guys like Jordan, because he represented more than just his own skills and brand, he represented the people and their city. Nowadays, every player is just a freelancer who is going wherever they want to go, and solely for their own gratification, which is their right and prerogative, but it doesnt draw fans from outside of the sport.


Reggie Miller ca the knicks.

This isn’t even close to the reality of it.

Pretty shocking as they were still in it with a chance with a few minutes to go. The only way it really makes sense is if you look at as Lebron purposely packing it in for the year knowing they were inevitably done with AD out for the playoffs.
He basically just says fuck it, I don’t want to play game 7 or round 2.

Yeah, some of you are a little crazy; LeBron has actual forever money that would be difficult to blow though even if he were insane and on drugs. Most pro athletes can manage to go broke if they want to, but it would be very, very difficult and unlikely for LeBaby, especially considering how many people are looking out for him out of their own self interest. If he was a smaller entity and had only a couple of friends handling his money, he could easily get taken or lose it all via corruption and stupidity, but his machine is too big to fail in his lifetime.

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The NBA’s next television contract is going to be telling.


I hope it goes down to reflect the reduced viewership


That’s the expectation. Ratings are less than 30 percent of what they were when the current ESPN deal was signed. Disney has to be losing money on this contract. If revenues drop, the salary cap will plunge, and I can’t wait to see the race-based arguments over the revenue split.


Lol with the way things are going I wouldn’t be surprised if they raised it 'cause racisms

I hope the NBA and the NFL go out of business for all of their woke / cancel culture bullshit.

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I wouldn’t mind, but they won’t. I hate to admit it but I’ve been watching the playoffs and have enjoyed them

Just dont watch and dont post on nba and nfl threads Nancy

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Never going to happen, but it’s nice to have dreams

Pretty sure he signed a lifetime contract with Nike that pays him 30 million per year.

My bad I see that was already mentioned

Not sure but it seems you might have been absent the day your 3rd grade teacher explained how quotation marks work. (I was saying that Lebron was saying those words).
(sorry for unnecessary douchiness but I’m feeling cranky).

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I love that no major sports media will touch the question of “Is LeBron hurting NBA ratings?”

Of course he’s hurting ratings, along with the entire “woke” NBA BLM campaign. When you intentionally do things to alienate 50% of the potential viewer base your ratings will be affected. Only sports I watch these days is hockey and golf.

If basketball died off I wouldn’t give a fuck.