Left 4 Dead 2

Who's going to be playing this on the PC?

i played the demo. tons of fun. may have to pick it up next week.

I will be for sure. The demo was a blast.

I am picking it up for sure, the demo is fun as hell.

Played the demo and thought it was good. Had a guy keep shooting me so I had to switch servers.

this shit is hella more harder.

but the grenade launcher is fucking awesome.

How is the chainsaw?

bitters are you still playing sf4 or tf2?

chain saw is the only one that breaks down or runs out of gas. of the new melee weapons, the blades are the best naturally, machete and katana are the shit.

The axe is nice as well, but after the newness of them wears off you cannot beat double pistols for a secondary. The grenade launcher is cool. Nice improvements in the game, more intense and a little more difficult but not over the top. The specials seem less dangerous, but you see a lot more of them. Lots of fun.

Um, never really touched SF4, but I make appearances in TF2 any other day...

Right now my game time is a mix of Tf2 and WOW's arena... might be getting picked up by one of my guild's 3v3 teams to push for glad (their rogue is going away, and teams at 2350 righ tnow)

my fps buddies picked up the new L4D, so i might give that a crack

im Bitters on steam if anyone is looking