Left and right are too extreme. Centrist is where it’s at

Is this supposed to be funny or clever?


OP u thought this was worth downloading and posting on here?

What does the right want that’s extreme?


That Dave Smith guy is really edgy.

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The center is nonexistant because both the left and the right are nonexistant. The left does not care about workers, farmers or justice. The right does not care about traditions or virtues. They are both detestable.

I honestly can’t tell either lol

Dave Smith loves Cock


Can you tell us of a successful rollback of degeneracy?
Even trannies are now part of the republican party.

trump certainly tried to put an end to some of it, but to just say that as a blanket statement is obviously not true. in general the right is more about tradition and their version of “virtue” than the left, thats for sure.

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Trump dindu nuffin. There’s a million things he should have done. He did everything he could for israel, though.
Trannies (Lady Maga) became part of the republicans under his “watch”.

What exactly did Trump do? A bunch of minor shit that the Biden administration undid in 30 seconds, and appointed supreme court justices who have thus far ruled against conserving 1 single thing.

The lasting effects of Trump’s presidency are that he tore the country apart, then abandoned his people and sulked away like a bitch. Congrats right wingers.

Values have changed but they sides are still there with the far ends of both sides viewing centrists as being too far the other direction. Pretty much everyone feels that everyone else is too far one way or the other.