Left Hook to the Body

I thought I'd work on developing this punch for myself, so give me anything you think I need to know about it, please.

My fave punch.

i find its best after slipping the right cross.

Also in amature circles, peoples defences are held kind of high exposing the ribs. By making the opponent wary of your left hook to the head you can really open up to the body.

Doubling up the hook is very powerfull. Try and avoid bending at the waist when throwing it concentrating on bending at the knees slightly. Obviously keep it short and tight.

Mostly the kinetics are similar to a left hook to the head.

any thoughts about whether its more powerful from conventional or southpaw?

well, I have no opinion re: southpaw or not, but Mickey Ward usually switched to southpaw in close, and no one could argue that he threw the liver shot with authority. So I was just wondering.

well I wouldn't mind that so much, as long as I could stop the guy with it like he could. So if that's the trick to KOing someone with one left to the body, fine.

I usually swith to throw it too. I just feel more comfitable with it and have better success. Not saying it's right for everyone.

well, just for the record, I throw it harder from a conventional stance, but I am looking for the best way, not my way

When I have my opponent against the ropes, I like to fake a
straight right to the head and dig a left hook into his ribs. This
helps to take away the threat of him countering with a right
when I throw the hook to the body.

I really like the way Gerald McClellan used to throw his left
hook to the body. It was a KO punch. I also love the way
Tyson used to double up on the left hook - the first to the
body and the second to the opponent's chin. Watching
training footage of Tyson throwing double left hooks at a
heavy bag is like viewing a piece of fine artwork.

I'm a southpaw, so it's a right hook for me. I don't
like switching stances, I find it limits my power.
I agree that you need to set it up. I prefer to either
close with a 1-2 or sometimes just a straight left.
Either way you step in as you slip immediately after
the cross and fire the hook.

I've been playing with changing it up to an uppercut
if he steps his lead foot outside of mine. I wonder if
it's possible to anticipate the inevitable cross this



Cooney had an excellent left hook to the body.
Sometimes it was his lead punch rather than the

Cooney was left handed, but fought from the right hand stance, which made his left hook even more powerful. One of the hardest punches in boxing ever.