Left my church

I had told John about this last week. The congreagation council and myself both agreed not to renew my contract. We felt that we were just not what the other is looking for. It was a non denom church and a church in my denom has opened up, and I will be taking that church. It's a much smaller country church with only 20 members, but it's in my denom and shares the same aspects of my theology. The thing is, I brought quite a few members into my old church, which want to come with me. I really wanted to avoid a church split, because I still deeply care for and love the members of that church. I start at the new church next Sunday. Please pray for me.

yours in Christ


I will pray for you buddy.  God will use you in a mighty way Sherm.

Good luck sherm!  Just out of curiosity, how many people belonged to your old church?

88 regular attending members....total probably close to 100

Good luck Sherm

Good luck Sherm, everything happens for a reason.


Time to bring him back to the Mother Church...

God Bless You Sherm!!!

good riddance :)

the rev

sherm sorry/ and happy to hear about that.

of course i think you shouhld seriously consider looking into the Christian & Missionary Alliance as a denomination. but i won't hold that against you B-)

good luck brother! I wish you the best.

LOL I actually told Yuki several weeks ago...so the rev wasnt even the first OGer to know :-)

thanks everybody for the prayers and thoughts...whats great is it's an evening service starting at 7 pm...so I can sleep in Sunday mornings.

yours in Christ


first sermon tonight. It was on Psalms 96. It felt good to be back in a Pentecostal church again.

yours in Christ


It felt good to be back in a Pentecostal church again.

Cool, hope it works out for you brother.

fulltime employement benefits in the C&MA B-)

thanks kempo, I'm very happy right where I am. Tozer is a man that I greatly admire...but Missionary Alliances would not be a good place for me...seeing I have the gift of tounges and a few others, that you guys don't believe are meant for today....well guess what?..THEY ARE! HA!

yours in Christ


sherm i think you have the C&MA mixed with some other denomination.

the official position is that tongues are not a sign of the holy spirit's presence, nor is it prophecy from God, but is prayer to God and very much relavent intodays church.

both my father (pastor in the alliance for 30+ years) and my mother both have the gift of tongues and interpretation of tongues!

also i should note that the C&MA gives each local district and local church the freedom to be more or less charismatic depending on the make up of it's congregation and membership

you might be right the one C&MA church in my town is very close to the Wesylan Armenian theology.

yours in Christ


no might about it like 99.999% of the time i am completly correct B-) lol actually i have seen alliance church's range from extreme pentecostal to extremely independant conservative women must wear skirts baptist

"i have seen alliance church's range from extreme pentecostal to extremely independant conservative women must wear skirts baptist"

well the extreme pentecostal churches are the ones that got it right then :-)

also, There has to be a common theology that each one shares, that sets them apart from all the different denoms. It sounds to me that it's a bunch of non-denom churches grouped together under the name of a denom. Could you please enlighten me as to what it is? I stated on another thread that there are many different types of Pentecostals, but each group shares a common aspect of theology. What is the common aspect the C&MA churches share?

your welcome to come to my church. I got a frisky litle rattle snake picked out for you and a fine glass of paint thinner, Sherwin Williams 2003 waiting for you. I'm 99.99% sure you will most likely be bit and then die of injesting poison. It'll be a good time had by all. :-)

yours in Christ