Left or right foot forward?

Slap hands, bump fists, circle each other pretending you aren’t both going to pull guard - which foot is forward?

And why?

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I switch depending on the grip I’m looking for and also the shot I want. Both my knees are fucked so there’s not really a strong leg anymore.

Right. But I always pull guard, gotta be ready for the streetz

Dominant side forward. Carry over from Judo. Not sure if applicable no gi anymore, but still do it

My instinct is to NOT do this. But I’m not sure why.

Because in MMA you need to be orthodox so you can strike comfortably

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I think one rationale for dominant foot forward in judo is that you most often use it for pulling leverage that assists the collar grab (also with dominant hand). That would be for forward throws of course.

The foot that you feel naturally with for takedoiwns/throws and you can defend the best against, similar in judo. I fought with my left foot forward so I was considered a lefty, 80-90% of judokas fight right foot forward. You have to be able to throw/attack whether your opponent has their left/right foot forward. This is why we practice throwing to both sides and with opponents with either foot forward. There are also gripping strategies/specific attacks that are dependent on whether the opponent has their right/left foot forward. I would never fight with my right foot forward but do practice throws/gripping because of how I might end up in a situation.

either but whichever foot is forward i keep the same side elbow near that knee.
I establish contact with the other hand… head contact, lapel grip if gi.
I don’t reach out with my lead hand and give a free path to a single leg.

In gi, I probably prefer my right leg forward.
So my left hand can get lapel grip and go for ankle trip from the there.

I think judo isn’t concerned about someone doing a single leg.
So when you have your dominant side forward, you can also reach with that dominant hand without the same kind of concern about your opponent shooting in on your lead leg